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The Facts

  • KFC Suppliers slit open the throats of conscious animals and boil them alive, chop beaks off of mother chickens, and drug thier chickens with anti-biotics to keep them alive through conditions that would otherwise kill them

  • if people are eating chicken they are supporting cruelty to animals. If they are eating at KFC they are supporting a company that has done nothing to prevent the worst abuses of chickens on the farm, during transport, and at slaughter

  • chickens raised for KFC are crammed into crowded sheds with tens of thousands of other birds where disease, somthering, lung failure and heart attacks are common. After a hellish ride crammed into tiny crates, often through extreme weather conditions, they are hung upside down, have thier throats slit and are often scalded while they are still conscious.

  • if KFC treated dogs and cats the way they treat chickens, its executives could be locked away on felony cruelty charges in many states.

  • 800 million chickens are killed each year for KFC in cruel ways, yet they have refused to do anything whatsoever to eliminate the suffering of these animals

  • chickens are dosed with massive amounts of antibiotics--three times as many as cows or people. they are used to kill the diseases that run rampant due to the unsanitary conditions that the birds live it, and to force the animals to grow much more quickly than is natural. The antibiotics are then passed on to us when we eat chicken flesh and they reduce the effectiveness of anti-biotics prescribed by our doctors. doping animals with drugs rather than treating them properly is bad for them and bad for us.

  • KFC's parent company claims to have a comprehesive animal welfare program for its suppliers, but so far has only scratched the surface of chicken and cattle slaughter, and has no standards for any animal on farms or during transport, and no standards for pig slaughter.

  • The Vast majourity of Yum!'s animals are KFC chickens and yet KFC has no standards to protect them on farms or durning transport, and refuses to get rid of inherently abusive slaughter methods.

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and for info on going Veg call PETA's veggy toll free hotline 1-888-VEG-FOOD