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Date Info
October 1, 2002 Happy October. Good News! I have been accepted into the BOTA Guardians! Check out the Spirit Page! Get ready for Halloween Im planning on something special
October 5, 2002 wow getting closer and closer to Samhain! Got two new web competition awards check em out
October 8, 2003  well my girlfriend's son's BDay was on the 3rd, he turns one. My little filly turns 17 months time for saddle training, but thats about it. I need your votes this week guys!! Thanks
October 9, 2003 We are approved for Wizard's Quest
October 10, 2003 I have just been notified that CotSS has won the 2002 - 2003 Golden web Award!!
October 11, 2002  We won at BOTA we move up!! Thanks for all your votes
October 12, 2002  not only at BOTA did we move up but in several others!! Thanks so much! Keep Voting :)
October 20, 2002 well it was Halloween party time at the barn again! We moved up and we are in the Wizards Quest Tattoo Club, check out my book :)